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Tricks Stealing Bandwidth Wifi / Lan Using Netcut | Hack Wifi

More cool-cool to hang out at the forum are not accidentally I found a tool that I think I ought to share in my blog, he says hell with this tool bloggers can steal the bandwidth of others, and people in his stolen bandwidth will automatically be disconnected from network. Cool right? We stole his bandwidth, automatic connection speed will increase, aja imagine if we cut all hotspot users? Ckk ckk .. ..
Surely bloggers already cruel enough to prepare a plan that ni, Do not use for fun yah. How come? do not want an appointment? if you do not want to proceed I will not know. Hehehe

This tool named Netcut which means Network Cut. Network means the network while Cut is the scissors, so the language support this tool can be interpreted as a network of cutting tools. How to use this tool is relatively easy in my opinion, following his explanation:

1. Download Netcut on the download link I have provided. (Below)
2. Netcut Install, then follow the stages that exist.
3. When the install process has finished, please restart your pc
4. Then run the program Netcut, it would seem the IP is currently active.
5. IP Select how you would make prey, senjutnya click Cut Off

Jrengggg,, IP target will be disconnected from the server and its bandwidth allocation yours. It's easy to use? I again emphasize, should not be used for fraudulent or activities that may harm others. For example, you download the software again for 200 Mb and the process is already running 95%, but suddenly the connection is lost? how would you feel?

Here, I only share what I wrote about science can, does not intend to teach things that are bad. The rest depends on each individual. What would be used for the good of evil. I am not responsible for everything that will happen after you tried to trick How to Steal Bandwidth Wifi / Lan Using this Netcut.

To anticipate the theft of bandwidth with Netcut, bloggers need a tool called the Anti Netcut. For a tutorial its anti Netcut, awaited aja yah,, Okei

Good luck
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