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Ram to Flashdisk

Tips for Adding RAM to flash
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Left road - the road looking for information about computers, ga nemu article very deliberately - this is very useful. so wrote on the re-post here. Please read the info that is interesting and very useful ....

RAM (Random Access Memory) or often referred to as the memory is an important part of a computer. RAM serves to store and process data can also be temporary or also called working storage, which serves as a place meloading programs that we run. Be temporary because when the computer is turned off the data will be lost.
When we open an application / program then it will seize the capacity of RAM and the more applications that we open (load) then it will be able to spend the capacity of the existing RAM. The result is that computers can become crash / hang. If it is so, we may lose the data that we had not saved on the hard drive and the most annoying we have to reboot the computer and work from scratch again.

To overcome this we usually adding RAM by buying new RAM. For those deep pockets, it is not a problem, which means but instead to a slim pocket it will be a separate issue because it must spend money for it.

There may be more efficient solutions, ie by optimizing the flash that we have to be used as RAM. Thus, we do not need to spend more money to add RAM. The next issue is whether it can be done? Yes, that is by using special software called eBoostr.

Installation Ebooster In KomputerTebal
First, we will have to download the software first. To perform the download, please click here

Second, after we downloaded the file, double click the file eboostr.exe her to appear at the bottom of the dialog

Third, select the desired language (in this example I chose the Indonesian language), then click OK until the next window appears.

Fourth, click the Advanced course to get a window that contains the product license,

Fifth, then click "I Agree" to a window will appear where we would put the installation files on the computer, as below.

Sixth, if you do not want to change, click "advanced" just to get a window where we will put the application on the Start menu, .

Seventh, click on "install" to begin installation eBoostr until the installation .

Eighth, wait until the installation is complete. And when it's done then we will find confirmation window to complete the installation process that the computer must be restarted.

Ninth, then select "reboot now" then click "done." Make sure all applications have been closed and all the data we have stored on the disk.

Tenth, after the restart means the installation process is complete.

Running eBoostr

After the restart and the installation is complete, we are able to use the application.

First, run eBoostr with the way [Start]>> [All Program]>> select eBoostr Control

Second, click the "add" on the menu . Select or click the flash where will we use as RAM.

Third, select OK and then wait a while because the computer is allocating files on flasdisk Chace, as below.

Fourth, if successful then we will have two RAM, the RAM and flash RAM itself,

Fifth, completed

By adding RAM, the read speed to be increased several fold, .

Oh, yes if you want to stop the flash as RAM then on eBoostr Control Panel, click on the flash RAM and then click the "remove". finished!

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